Darkspore, Genetic Manipulation

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This game was developed Maxis Software, and Electronic Arts have been published in April 2011. This game can be played only on Microsoft Windows (PC). It told that there are a group of scientists called Crogenitor’s race. They experiment of genetic manipulation to create a genetic hero who is often called “living weapon”, and founded a kingdom large galaxies. They conducted experiments on populations around the kingdom, of course under the supervision of scientists. However, the discovery xylan Crogenitor of E-DNA amino acids that bond to DNA has changed everything. Able to achieve a value-millennium of evolution in a matter of hours, it used to weapon size life itself. Unfortunately, the E-DNA proved to be unstable. So that all subjects who had direct contact with it turned into a nightmare of genetic and each connected to others through the hive mind, known as “The Darkspore”.

In this game, every hero has one basic attack, unique capability, one variant capabilities, passive ability that is always active, and the ability of the squad. The ability of the squad may be used by all members of the squad. Passive abilities can be obtained for the hero of time during the Overdrive or the ability of the Ghost Soul Link. Some passive abilities, such as aura Rampant Growth fork, can help the heroes of other players in the team. The ability of each, except for passive, has a cool down time. The hero or the “Weapons of Life” is divided into five genesis: Plasma, Quantum, Bio, Cyber and Necro. Plasma associated with fire and electricity. Quantum dealing with time-space and material capabilities. Bio associated with plants, animals, toxic and life-force. Cyber associated with bullets and energy beams. Necro associated with death, darkness, fear, life and reality play.

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